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Thanks for stopping buy and getting to know us!  Each member of the Yard family has so many ideas about what we want to share with you that we are working on putting up pages for each of us just to let you know more about us and what our interests are.  Until then, we'll just jump right in and tell you a little bit about ourselves.


Hi! I'm Sam!

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Sam is the youngest.  He is 6 years old and is in the 1st grade.  His favorite things in life are his grandmother, kitty cats, riding his bike, swimming, and he's very excited about starting Tiger Cubs this year!  He is a very happy little reader and loves almost any Dr. Seuss books.  Whenever possible, you'll find this young man out hunting for and collecting rocks, bugs, lizards, and toads.  His favorite foods are mashed potatoes and eggs, cooked any and all ways! 



Colton is 9 years old and is in the 4th grade.  He loves to read, draw and paint,  and ride his bike. He is an avid cub scout and is excited about becoming a Webelo this year.  He also loves to play basketball and baseball, and swim.  He really gets into doing anything on computers. He's working on  his own web pages, is an extremely avid game player (mostly role playing, loves games like Heroes, Command & Conguer, and all the Warcraft games.)  He is a very big fan of the Goosebumps books, and likes to watch any horror movies his mean old mom deams he's old enough to watch!
Hello! I'm Colton!
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Laura is the mean ole mom!  She has been surfing the net for over three years and has recently became very interested in all aspects of web design.  She finally finished up her associates degree for legal assistant this last May. She loves reading, riding her bike with her boys, volunteering for worth while causes and lending a helping hand to those who need it, and so many other things that she'll share with you once she has her personal pages done!
Howdy! I'm Laura! us4.jpg (12032 bytes) Hey There! I'm Bill!

Bill is the daddy.   He is a hard working and very loving father and husband.  He loves to read, spend time with the boys, and he's rapidly turning into a computer nerd! He absolutely loves anything to do with computers!  He has returned to school and is working for a computer programming degree.  Since he wants to learn everything there is to know about computers, he is also now venturing into the realm of web page design.  Keep your eyes on him folks!  He's gonna know so much about computers before to long that it will blow your mind! 


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