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In a world filled with hate, violence, crime, and war, there are people crying out that the insanity must stop!  That if we do not end this vicious cycle then all is lost and we will meet our end.

Throughout history there have been doomsayers declaring that the world is about to end.  At this time, if not more than any other, we see even more of this pessimism for the fate of humanity.

There are the Y2K bug doomsayers declaring that almost all technology will fail in the year 2000 and that because of this failure all civilization as we know it will fall and chaos will rule.

Then there is the the thought of the coming of the new millennium.  The very mention of which has doomsayers pouring out of the wood work.  Some saying it is the time of the end regarding biblical theories.  Others fictitiously point to the possibility of the planets coming into perfect alignment somewhere around May in 2000., saying that with this alignment will come disastrous planetary catastrophes.

Many fear the cold war has been revived in full force with Pakistan and India jumping into the nuclear arms race.  And so there is always that gnawing threat of total planetary destruction resulting from nuclear war.

There are so many causes that different doomsayers quote as the reason the earth and life as we know it is about to end that I could never list them all.  What I have done is taken into consideration all these different reasons and come up with the following response.

"Death will come to us all.  It may be today, it may be tomorrow.  It is what you do with today that makes a difference."  What each of us must do is live our lives the best that we can.   However, in living our lives to their fullest, we should not forget that every other person on this planet is living with us.  While living our own lives we must allow and even help others to live their lives to their fullest as well.

Only time will tell what the year 2000 will do to our technology, our planet, or what we allow to happen to ourselves.  However, the thought of so many negative things possibly happening in our near future should provide an excellent incentive for all of us, as citizens of the world, to unite together into a global community and work together to co-create a better world.

A world, regardless the effects of the Y2K, that will enfold the message of peace and unite as one race, the human race!  A world in which each member of it's "global community" reaches out their hands to grasp the hand of their neighbor so that we can all raise those hands together and proclaim as one voice a mighty cry of victory.  The victory of peace!

  Coming soon:  Links on organizations and information that you can utilize in helping to  spread the word of peace in your lives, other's lives, and around the world.

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