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Nay I Say!! It's Woman's Quality!
Or Better Yet... Human Quality!!!

We live in a world where everything and everybody is labelled
or classified as this or that. Why? Does it improve anything to be labelled or classified? Nay I say! It just puts everything and everybody into one group or another. So I say let's do away with the labels and focus on Quality...Quality of life, love, and self.

I am a woman. that's one label. But because I am a woman does
that mean I'm lesser than a man? ..or have to try to act like a man or do what a man does so I can be his equal? Nay I say! For we are all HUMANKIND! Each person unique in their own way.
Each person capable of doing whatever they desire (within and
without their limitations - because what are limitations but another label?)

I hear so much about "women trying to be equal to men, wanting
what men have or to be able to do what men do." I say that if
some people want to treat men and women so differently then we, as humankind, should make them see that we are all just people and that it's the quality of the person that matters!

"Men get paid more than women for the same job." What? Are
we not all humans? And since we are all humans, shouldn't the
pay be equal to the quality of work?

"Women can't do the same things physically or mentally that men
can do." Once again, are we not all humans? And we all know
that the human species is remarkable with uncountable differences between each member within the species. One thing the entire species does have in common is spirit. The human spirit enables the species to do endless number of things both intellectually and physically that might seem impossible. So...shouldn't we judge physical and intellectual possibilities on what a person has accomplished thus far? And therefore base our judgements on an individual 's "Quality"?

Can you see where I'm coming from here? or maybe where I'm
heading? ;) To many things in this world are judged by what
classification they are in...or what label they have. Isn't it time we start basing our opinions of people and things on what their quality is?

Women 's Equality? Nay I say! It should be Woman 's Quality...
or better yet...HUMAN QUALITY!!!

Coming soon . . . more commentaries on issues from
A Quality Fixated <----- label warning!!) Individual

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